The world of polymer controls

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The world of polymer controls

polymer controls

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The world of polymer controls is based upon polymer, which is an excellent library that makes it quicker and simpler than the past ones to construct gorgeous applications on the web. Polymer is based on top of a set of effective new platform widely known as “web based components” . This brings remarkable features to the web world. The result is a dramatic profit at designers end
Polymer is the encapsulation of material outline for the web. The Polymer group lives up to the expectations nearly with the hard research of the developers behind material type developing. Indeed, Polymer assumed a key part in material outline’s improvement; it was utilized to rapidly model and repeat on great designs ideas. The material outline segments(components) are still a work in advancement, however will develop over the nearing months.
Polymer is designed in such a manner that it supports any major browser of modern era (to some extent, backward compatibility)
The web based components introduce another period of web advancement focused around epitomized and interoperable custom components that develop HTML itself. Assembled on these new measures, Polymer makes it simpler and quicker to make anything from a simpler button control to a complete application over desktop, portable, and so on.

Free download and installation instructions here.

Keep pressing the arrow buttons to proceed the animated slides in polymer

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