WordPress themes with WebMatrix

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WordPress themes with WebMatrix

WordPress themes with WebMatrix gives us following advantages over other editors such as:

1. We can design and develop websites using ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, or HTML5. They also support css3 and javascript library i.e JQuery

2.Easily install great applications with simple mouse clicks. These applications can be edited and published to the web much faster than any other ditor in the market

3. Publish to Azure without ever leaving WebMatrix.Publish button not only publishes website once, but we can edit as many times and get the updated site on Azure Cloud

4. It supports many open source applications beautifully

5. It is free.

6. One of the top most website hosting company, the Host-Gator also mentions the WebMatrix in the following way

WebMatrix is a free web development tool from Microsoft that includes everything you need for website development. Start from open source web applications, built-in web templates or just start writing code yourself. It’s all-inclusive, simple and best of all free. Developing websites has never been easier.
ref: hostgator.com

Now, before beginning our development, we have to know the ways to install WebMatrix

1. Go to http://www.microsoft.com/web/gallery/install.aspx?appid=webmatrix to download and install the web platform installer

2. Now run the application.The MS Web Platform installer has been launched.It displays WebMatrix and other tools. Click on WebMatrix and the setup will start.It will automatically install the prerequisites needed for WebMatrix. We also have the options to install them separately but our auto install is better option. They may include:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0
Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 Tools
ASP.NET Web Pages
ASP.NET Web Pages Language Packs
Web Deployment Tool 2.0 without bundles SQL support
IIS 7.5 Express

3. Now the WebMatrix has been installed with no problems (I guess)

Developing WP Theme with WebMatrix

1. We have our WebMatrix like this:

2. Cursor on the New Site Icon , Click App Gallery to open list of available Apps.

3. Our WordPress icon is of interest to develop the theme

4. Click on it and start the installation . Enter the proper password for the back end MySql server.

5. After the proper installation of WordPress, we have to develop a Theme.For you to remove your tensions and to target the best source for theme design, just follow the given link and get yourselves ready for selling the themes in the market and become rich 🙂 because,I found the article after 8 hours on my P.C that tackles all the basic design methods and seriously, it has everything for you to enter the ring just like king of the ring
The whole process of designing WordPress themes is here

Let us discuss some points here :

    index.php is the first page that is loaded when someone tries to browse your website

    header.php contains design area for the header of your website

    content.php contains your website articles, posts etc.

    footer.php page contains web page footer information

    sidebar.php contains widgets in vertical position

Our generalized web page has this type of areas:

Designing the Theme

Now, we have moved towards the wp theme designing process. The whole designing process with proper presentations is available

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