Will Robots replace the Soldiers?

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Will robots replace the soldiers?

Most of the technical articles have talked a lot about drones that are in use in the war against terrorism.The latest news in the market about :Will robots replace soldiers? is attracting many of the writers to talk about it on the web. With the emergence of these news, people are thinking whether comic character “Iron man” will appear in reality? The Military Times’ Paul McLeary was the first to report this week on remarks that Cone, a four-star general, made during the Army Aviation Symposium January 15 in Arilington, Virginia. According to him :

I’ve got clear guidance to think about what if you could robotically perform some of the tasks in terms of maneuverability, in terms of the future of the force,” Cone told his crowd, according to McLeary, adding that he also has “clear guidance to rethink” the size of those infantry squads, which currently are manned by nine troops apiece. reference:http://rt.com/usa/gen-cone-drone-army-050/

What makes him think about the inclusion of robotic buddies to help the soldiers is the simple logic . The idea is to save the military men’s lives and to fight with more rapid pace and good results. In spite of these huge claims ; can we think that these robots could perform fully controlled actions? This is because a machine is a machine after all 🙂Right now, the automated drones have been under extreme criticism about their accuracy. If human like robots are there for a war, then what is the possibility that they don’t make some terrible mistakes as well as how much money countries will spend in the war, as the whole world is suffering from joblessness and poverty.Let’s see what this coming era brings for us.

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