Why things go wrong?

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Why Things go Wrong in my Way ?

It is the most highlighted topic in modern world regarding “why things go wrong with me”. We have some questions for you to judge yourself.

*  Does your mind go blank when solving a complex problem ?

*  Do you think that your fortune is playing with your emotions?

*  Do you think you can’t live up to the expectations?

*  Do you think that no matter how hard you try you can’t get the results?

If these sort of thoughts torture your mind  and  indirectly harming your health then………..

this happens to everyone in his or her life. There is no reason behind making those words like failure, bad luck, bad time so intense that people can’t tolerate.

If you think like that “I don’t go for success and failure. I  tried with the help of my full potential, if I get success then I shall be very happy but if  success is not coming, next time I shall sort out what went wrong “

If you try to know what formula the geniuses of your college/university are using, then you won’t get the answer. Just try to look closely at their approaches.

Bad luck is another terrible feeling that people often suffer from. We should say “Next time is mine. If bad luck is only for me and I am getting depressed then this whole world would have been suffering because life is not a piece of cake but more tastier than that “

The last point is that : Brain goes blank because it needs some information to process the data and give you best results. Here comes the factor of  knowledge and knowledge comes if you start thinking about best and creative things in the world.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”  but can you expect a born blind person to describe about your car? The answer is no. It is because that person has no knowledge about the appearance of the car.

Study harder, try harder , be good and loving and always think positive





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