What is On Page SEO ?

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On page seo

What is On Page SEO ?

On Page SEO is an essential component in writing an article to your own website or blog because it is the first impression about the presentation of the page itself as well as proper usage of meta tags and focused keywords.

Does On Page SEO really work ?

As far as proper Search Engine Visibility is concerned, On-Page improvement refers to factors that have an impression on your internet site or online page listing in Organic Search Results. These factors are controlled by you or by writing on your page. Samples of On-Page improvement embraces actual markup language code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density
While On-Page improvement won’t guarantee a great visibility in searches, it will have an instantaneous impact on what’s shown within the results pages and might promote click through via title and meta description if they are done and maintained properly for better Organic Searches. On-page improvement may be a crucial element of SEO and though, some could feel that it will not going to play any role on online website or blog impact on searches and if we are concerned with the conversions factors, the fact is that an On-Page improvement is the first step that you are taking to have an uphill battle attempting to achieve your target market.
So once we do SEO improvement of post, it suggests that we tend to follow bound set of tested methodologies to rank higher as far as page or post visibility is concerned and especially, in the eyes of Google searching , but it doesn’t solely think about On page SEO score, however it collectively pay attention to the many factors like Social media votes, back links, domain authority and plenty of different off page issues. Our goal here, is to optimize our article that is not Plagiarized.The Search Engine Crawler will simply focuses the targeted keyword or focused keyword and therefore, rather than looking to research for very long tail keywords, we’ll get additional targeted viewers to our site with very few completely focused keyword pairs that are separated by commas in the tag.
The discussion here, simply highlights the fact that On-Page improvement or Optimization is still working because it is a form of presentation or more appropriately, a focused form of optimization for the visitors.
Always keep in mind that On-Page optimization is the first impression in SEO and the first impression is the last impression.
Before writing anything, make sure to enable html for the page or post. This enables you to put proper tags in your page. I will show you an example that focuses on a page related to the focus keyword “cute animals”.

<!DOCTYPE HTML> <!---this ensures that the page can be seen in IE also---!>
<html> <!—start of html---!>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="description" content=" Why people love cats not  only due to the fact that they are cute animals">
<meta name="keywords" content="cute animals,keyword2,keyword3 "><!---one or more focused keywords in pair form separated by comma----!>
<meta name="author" content="Peacelover">
</head> <!—we can put any script here as well !-->
<title>Cats are very cute animals</title> <!--- the focus keyword pair is (cute animals)---!>
<body> <!--- the body tag-----!>
<h1>Why  cats are very cute animals ? </h1> <!—heading that includes focus keyword--!>
<p><!--- this is first paragraph which must have focus keyword in it
Why people love cats not  only due to the fact that they are cute animals…….
<br/><<!-----for new line-----!>

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