What is Asp.Net and why is it so popular?


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What is Asp.Net ?

Asp.Net is an advancement of the older Asp based dynamic web page development. The best way to differentiate a normal html page and an Asp.Net page is: The asp.net follows all the rules for a proper html markup as well as it makes the static pages dynamic due to its excellent features of back end database access. Any web page that access the database is dynamic whereas the normal page which doesn’t have any data source with it are called static pages.
Examples are

Static Page————-> A simple page with no live data displayed and no input fields. Keep in mind if there is some data such as counting the number of visitors with JavaScript ; it won’t make the page dynamic unless an until,it queries the database such as MS Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, XML etc.

Dynamic Page————–> For your convenience, a page containing input information from the user, such as registration or login page is known as dynamic page

Basically Asp.Net offers dynamic webpages with advanced controls along with traditional html controls that have the functionality to interact with the user and operate on the back-end databases .

Asp.Net Vs Asp.

The arrival of asp.net with the emergence of .Net framework made the whole scripting scenario changed as previous asp applications were developed using scripting languages such as Vb and Javascript. They didn’t provide support for the Object Orientation based languages such as C#,C++,Vb.Net etc.
We had to use the spaghetti code approach in which our scripting code as well as html markup and css were all hodge podge in a single page.
Asp.Net with Visual Studio Development IDE, offers separate code for Server Script such as C#. Server side script always inquires the application hosting server in its execution. This is also known as the trip to the hosting server. This trip is necessary to query the database and fetch the results.

The client side script can be used inside the section of the html markup place or it can be referenced by using a separate file. Client script is necessary for advanced visual appearance and it saves the time of going back to the server. It executes on each user’s own page rather than putting the burden on the website hosting server.This saves time and boosts speed as well as give the user a feel as if he is using a desktop application. The JavaScript is very well known in this regard.

Another advantage of using asp.net over asp is : Due to the facility of CLR, we are not bounded to write code specifically for C#,Vb.Net or C++ based applications because all the code is converted into same machine readable form.That was lacking in old asp and there were lots of issues when the applications written in vb had to interact with C++ applications and in some cases, we had to write separate code for different browsers which was terrible.Asp.Net supports almost all the browsers.

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Computer Systems Engineer from Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology.I am passionate about all types of programming.