What is 3D tablet?

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Before asking this question about what is 3D tablet? Lets go through some basic ideas about tablet

What is tablet?

A tablet may be considered as a small computer with display screen, hardware circuits and power supply (such as battery) all are present in a tablet like screen .Tablets are generally touch screen based, just like our smart phone.There might be present some buttons but they are for smaller tasks.A virtual keyboard is present for typing purposes.

Tablets vs Laptops

There is no match of tablets with laptop computers. Laptops are full fledged portable computers with no specific operating system. We can use Windows, Unix , Linux with them. Speed of processing, storage, advanced graphics rendering (such as gaming) of Laptops outclass tablets.
There is no DVD/CD/Blue Ray drive present in tablets. Some legacy Photoshop applications don’t work with Microsoft tablet

All and all, tablets can be your best companion when portability is concerned. Mouse problem is not present in tablets as they are a single unit and touching does the trick.

They are best for reading and writing on the documents by sitting or lying on bed.For mailing and browsing while you have a glass of juice in your hand.
For gamers, it can provide the joy of PSP by playing games in a single unit

What is 3D tablet and is it a good idea to purchase them ?

When we talk about 3D tablets, we are indirectly addressing the virtual reality.
Suppose you are watching a documentary on Birds of Paradise on 3d enabled tablet, either with glasses or without. You can imagine the real sense of that documentary as if you are also part of that.
Another good news is that , google is making glasses free 3D experience on its new launch of NEO3DO and its features include but not limited to

* 2D AND Glasses-Free 3D Viewing (Beautiful, Bright and Clear)
* 2D to 3D real time conversion on any video!
* Powerful processor and Android OS (Super Fast)
* Fast internet with easy streaming (Easy)
* Stereo Speakers (Great sound quality!)
* And of course front and rear cameras

[Tablet is excellent dude]

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