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What 3G and 4G networks are?

People often get confused about what 3G and 4G Networks are? The real reason for it lies on the fact that people consider them latest technologies and we will feel proud if your mobile phone service allows us to use these modern technologies.
Let us know what networks are? Then what were the predecessors of these latest 3G and 4G network?

What is network ?

A computer network is a group of computers connected together securely; either with cables or without cables such as wi-fi.
Wi-fi is a terminology used with wireless devices including laptop computers, personal computers, notebooks, tablets, cell phones etc. connected together without wire, but in a certain range of the distance between them.
The speed of Wi-fi connection is determined by the protocol usage(protocol is the means of communication), the range and the attenuation (loss of power due to the presence of noise and other fields in the range of wireless field).
The 802.11 standardized Wi-fi network can provide the data transfer rate of 54Mbps.Some companies claim that they provide 108Mbps speed for these sort of networks.
Here comes the facts about 3g and 4G networks.The networks denote 3rd generation and 4th generation networks . If you want to explain about them , then they are the networks that use towers just as mobile phone uses to communicate without any distortion. They are indeed wireless but the signals are propagated between towers and devices. This makes the browsing, surfing and downloading at many miles faster than any of the older networks.

Do pc’s and laptops support them?

As far as usage of 3G or 4G networks is more popular with tablets and smart phones.But if you want them for your pc or laptop, then consider reading these articles

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Myths or realities

As anything that works exceptional, there are some pros and cons present for that.With that being said; check the speed of our iPhones or androids internet speeds while travelling . You may get disappointed by seeing the decrease in their speed and coverage, as claimed by their vendor.
So, flawless surfing is still an issue.Most of the times we have to use yagi antennas in our houses to increase the strength of the signals.
All in all, both 3G and 4G technologies have advanced the communication power through internet. They may take some more time.

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