The untold AJAX frameworks

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The untold AJAX frameworks

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The untold AJAX frameworks are those, which are in the market for quite a long time but very few people know about.
In computer systems, some sort of framework is often a layered design revealing what kind of software programs could or even should be built in addition to the way they would interrelate. Many computer system process frameworks have genuine software programs, identify programming interfaces, or even deliver programming instruments for with all the frameworks.
Following are some of useful frameworks that extremely helpful for greater user experiences.

1. DOJO Framework
2. MOO Tools
3. JQuery AJAX Framework
4. BossRichFaces Ajax Framework
5.Google Web Toolkit Ajax Framework
6. ZK Ajax Framework

AJAX for Asp.Net

There is extensive usage of AJAX in Asp.Net applications to provide a user the flexibility of great interaction with the application and fast retrieval of data through Asynchronous calls. These calls do post backs but only the targeted content is retrieved with this technology. This saves longer round trip times and give user a relaxation of windows forms types application where focus is not lost whenever the page is posted back

The facilities that are lacking in AJAX is the absence of proper patterns and designs. This sometimes creates noodle type code where everything is a little bit hodge podge. so our server side scripts will not going to dead at least for 20 more years or may be 100 more years

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