The PhpQuery language

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The PhpQuery language

The PhpQuery language is a server-side, Css3 supportive that works on (DOM) very well.Programming interface focused around jquery Javascript Library.

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This is the simplest application that is available on every other site. On the off chance that you have utilized jquery, then you will have a thought of how it can rearrange numerous things in DOM. Phpquery gives precisely the already practice methodologies to just like your server-side PHP code. You can forget to disorganized HTML code writing with echo function and other statements

You will have admittance to the vast majority of the usefulness gave by jquery in phpquery.
Selectors are the heart of jquery-like interface. A large portion of CSS Level 3 syntax is on its way just like jquery

On the off chance that you have known about or utilized Jquery you presumably realize that it is a Javascript library that permits you to control the DOM on the client area. Phpquery is a PHP adaptation of Jquery expected for utilization on the server side. By and large Phpquery and Jquery are utilized to examine a current DOM, yet there are enormous points of interest to utilizing them for a somewhat more subtle assignment – producing HTML by means of the DOM.

Utilizing Phpquery has a considerably greater preference on the off chance that you are now utilizing Jquery on the client side – after all why take in two separate methodologies.

The download link is here
Look at the simple example:

$myButton= pq('<input>')
echo $doc;

The steps in the project are exceptionally straightforward. To begin with we open a document, then make a Phpquery based button.Adjusting with proper attributes, attach the item to the DOM, lastly create the HTML.
Don’t forget to read about selectors here

Loading documents with PhpQuery

As far as web improvement os concerned, it is important for us to work with both client-side as well as server-side code. We compose the business rationale or logic utilizing PHP and produce the HTML to be shown in the web server hosted browser application. At that point we utilize scripts, for example, jquery or Model to give client-side intelligence.

Presently consider how you can change and control the created HTML utilizing server-side PHP code. Phpquery is a definitive arrangement that will strike a chord.

Given below is an excellent beginner level example about how to manipulate DOM with phpquery

phpquery Example

Featured plugins

Suggested download links

Google Code

Lifting the confusions for the developers

Ok, do you really want to know the advantages of phpquery in depth? Then follow this post

Some other features

PHP-Query has many features such as a single as well as instant specific, taking form of a class , which gives a PHP ORM like programming interface for simple and direct inquiry(query) execution.

Queries are not generated as well as executed by the class or ORM, but by those sql statements that directly interact with backend database
While it is designed by following the Activerecord style, it takes after plain dialect that would make code simpler to peruse and keep up.

Simple select and insert example

Webbrowser is a phpquery plugin that impersonates practices of web browser. It supports

* Navigate links onclick

* Form navigate

* Maintain cookies with Zend_http_cookiejar

* Links that are interrelated

* Form filling and easy submission

* Login feature for security feature

Live exampl with esier source code

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PQ-Lite is far better than phpquery

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