The OpenXava AJAX framework

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The OpeXava AJAX framework

The OpeXava AJAX framework , used for making internet applications with a dynamic link between the client and also the server. A number of the frameworks are JavaScript compilers for generating JavaScript and Ajax that runs within the application client; some are pure JavaScript libraries; others are server-side frameworks that generally utilize JavaScript libraries.

OpenXava is the Java Framework for fast Development of Enterprise net Applications.
In OpenXava, you simply need to write the domain based classes in plain Java to induce an online application prepared for production.
You only write the code for your organization and business logic and the rest of the task is handled by this amazing framework.

Create cross-platform internet applications with OpenXava. The benefits of OpenXava over Xojo Framework are that; OpenXava is open supply source code, uses Java as language and it’s optimized to be very highly productive for business applications.
Learning the way to write easy Java based scripts is too lengthy and complex to write down complete applications. The OpenXava bundle is ready for a fast startup.

The Company claims

Being open supply source code (LGPL); quite two hundred thousand downloads have been recorded yet..Sixty contributors have been involved to keep the standard up and running. Active community. high productivity. Easy to learn and implement. Complete documentation in English, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. supported Java standards.

The release of OpenXava 3.9 framework

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