Sql Server 2012 and the other versions

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Sql Server

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Sql Server 2012 and the other versions

The information on Sql Server 2012 and the other versions is very important because whenever an application developer enters the ground and is about to prepare himself for an interview,
following questions often trouble him about whether to go for the Database Administration option or Application Developer Option with Database knowledge also.
Well, there is mo hard and fast rule for that.

An application developer must know the basics of RDBMS,SQL Queries such as T-SQL,Stored Procedures,Functions,Triggers,Cursors and their effective coding.

The Database Admin,on the other hand, has more responsibilities including all the above mentioned plus
Enforcing Security Constraints,Data Integrity,Backup,Disaster Recovery,Sql Injection Prevention,Reporting and Charting,Performance Tuning,Updating,Upgradation etc.

[Important Safety Precautions: Don’t plz! don’t see those links right now otherwise I have to consult a Therapist for you :). When we will go through the upcoming tutorials,then I shall tell you now it is safe]

Now,we will begin the lesson which is related to Sql Server 2012 (Whatever Edition you may use).Its comparison to the predecessors,uniqueness,installation,compatibility issues.We have to pace up then so that you shall be ready to enter the Job Market.

Those things on previous post,which I discussed;were related to your interview questions.These things,on the other hand,will be required in your practical life.They include:

1.Ms SQL Server Versions Comparison.
2.Some briefing.
3.Installation of Ms Sql Server 2012/2008/2005 and System Requirements
4.Common Compatibility + Installation Issues
5.DML and DDL
6.Designing/Writing Queries .
7.Designing Tables,Views.
8.Defining the Types of the Fields in the tables.
9.Designing Simple and Complex Stored Procedures,Functions,Triggers,Cursors.

Now its time to start discussing about the SQL Server family history and learn all the differences and advancements between SQL Server 2000,2005,2008,2008R2 and 2012.
This is my secure download link and I have uploaded my presentations which will act as an encyclopedia which you use in your computer and get a whole lots of information from the internet without getting any the problems . Use and distribute freely.

“Sorry for the inconvenience pals. I have shared this presentation for free download on my google drive”

Comparison and installation of various versions of SQL Server on different platforms

Free ebooks

Here are the links to suggested e-books which are free to download and study at your own pace.



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