Sql Insert, Update, Delete Statements

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Sql Insert, Update, Delete Statements

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The data manipulation operations such as Sql Insert, Update, Delete Statements are also termed as CRUD operations.
We have already discussed a lot about Select statement(s) in our previous post. Here, we will discuss about Insert,Update and Delete statements which perform operations on the data within the table(s) within the database(s).

The concept of creating or altering the Data Structure is known as Data Definition but if it is used only to operate on the records of the data within the table structures, it is called Data Manipulation. Therefore, we can say that the Data Definition defines the data and their types and the Data Manipulation is a term associated with the operations on the values contained within these data.
CRUD is also relevant at the user interface level of most applications. For example, in address book software, the basic storage unit is an individual contact entry. As a bare minimum, the software must allow the user to:

Create or add new entries
Read, retrieve, search, or view existing entries
Update or edit existing entries
Delete/deactivate existing entries
Without at least these four operations, the software cannot be considered complete. Because these operations are so fundamental, they are often documented and described under one comprehensive heading, such as “contact management”, “content management” or “contact maintenance” (or “document management” in general, depending on the basic storage unit for the particular application).

Detailed examples about Insert statement

Detailed examples about Update statement

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