SAJAX for php application

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SAJAX for php application

Before starting our debate over SAJAX for php applications lets examine why phph is progressing so fast in web development?
Hype about PHP are all over the place, and they even originate from keen fellows. At the point when Jeff Atwood composed yet an alternate tirade about PHP, it made php geeks to think about the benefits that this type of scripting language gives

The most concerning issue of these tirades is that they originate from individuals stuck in the emerging days of PHP to foolishly write it of. They either couldn’t care less or they would prefer not to conclude that PHP really advances at a quick pace.Truth be told; it develops much quicker than whatever other platform or web stage. It has not generally been the situation, yet the most recent 5 years have been a stunning emergence for PHP.

PHP is utilized by 77.9% of every last one of sites whose server-side programming model is known. WordPress is utilized by 16.6% of every last one of sites on the planet. On the off chance that you observe the main three Cmses, for the sites that utilize a checked substance administration framework: WordPress is first with 54.3%, Joomla is second with 9.2%, and Drupal is third with 6.8%. Three items written in PHP.

The only reason that can challenge the php developers is its syntax learning because it involves lots of arrows, the dots in the syntax of the language

Sajax, the “Simple Ajax Toolkit”, is an open source platform intended to help sites utilizing the Ajax structure (otherwise called Xmlhttprequest). It permits the developer to call ASP, Coldfusion, Io, Lua, PHP, Perl, Python, or Ruby capacities from their pages by means of Javascript without performing a visible page refresh.

Sajax is excellently compatible with these browser Ie5 or above, Opera 8 and above, Opera for mobile 4 or more, Safari 1.2 and above, Mozilla 0.94 and above and Konqueror.

Best 46 sites that give you toolkit free:

1.SAJAX for php application
2.1 Phery.js
4 PHPLiveX
5 123-tppAJAX
6 Akelos PHP Framework
7 Agile Toolkits
8 aSSL
9 AjaxAC (From April, 2005)
10 Ajax Agent (From February, 2006)
11 Cajax (added December 2005)
12 Claw
13 CrossBrowserAjax
14 DutchPIPE – Avatar worlds on websites
15 Flexible Ajax Framework
17 Guava
18 HTS Web Application Framework
19 jCombo
20 jMaki
21 jPOP
22 JPSpan
23 My-BIC
25 Kumbia PHP Framework
26 NanoAjax (added July 2006, updated October 2006 and NEW version July 2007)
27 Novulo (added August 2006)
28 Picora
29 PHP OpenBiz (added July 2011)
30 Qcodo (added April 2006)
31 Sajax
32 Simplicity PHP Framework
33 SimpleJax
34 sniPEAR
35 Stratos PHP Framework
36 Sybrain Framework
37 Symfony
38 PAJAJ – PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON
39 phpAjaxTags
40 PHPWebBuilder
41 Tigermouse
43 Yii PHP Framework
44 Lion PHP Framework
45 Jax Framework
46 J4P micro Ajax

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