Querying Sql Server with T-SQL

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Querying Sql Server with T-SQL

This post is all about Querying Sql Server with T-SQL using MMC or Microsoft Management Console.
Before beginning this tutorial, I have to mention the basic query languages which are applied on Relational Database Management System(s)

1. DDL or Data Definition Languages:

DDL are those types of languages in SQL Queries, which are used to define the structure of the data, container of the data. These languages queries change the state of the whole data structure.
Examples are

ALTER Statements (Transact-SQL)

CREATE Statements (Transact-SQL)


DROP Statements (Transact-SQL)




Excellent explanation of each of these DDL on msdn site

Right now,I have just shared a link. You may go through it but we will discuss them in the upcoming tutorials.

2. DML or Data Manipulation Languages:

Data Manipulation Language(s) are used to operate on the data or the data structures in Sql Server 2012.
A distinguishable quality about DML is that, they use clauses such as FROM, WHERE, IN etc.

Excellent explanation of each of these DML on msdn site


The DCL is a data control language. Such as

GRANT – Allows users to interact with the database
REVOKE – withdraw access privileges given with the GRANT command


DML make changes to the database. The Transaction Control Language manages those changes such as
COMMIT – for saving
SAVEPOINT – move to the point at which user finds security
ROLLBACK – restore database to original since the last COMMIT
SET TRANSACTION – Change transaction options like isolation level and what rollback segment to use

Don’t need to worry about them right now. We will discuss both the DDL and DML in our next post

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