Payroll Processing ERD Model

The Payroll Processing ERD Model is quite simple to understand. First of all, we have to know what are the tasks of a payroll system.
A Payroll System is a software which manages employees and their salaries. It is mainly the task of HR Admin to handle the employee specific duties which include:
1.Adding Employee.
2.Terminating Employee.
3.Giving Bonuses.
4. Leave Approval.
5. Deductions from the salary.
6. Giving Loans.
7. Providing Benefits.
8.Giving Leave Encashment Amount.
9.Running Payroll.
10. Giving Salaries.
We have designed a simple but very accurate erd based data model of payroll processing system. Here, we have just defined the attributes of the HR Manager and the rest is up to you to further enhance them. The rest of the heavy lifting is done by us. Hope that you will enjoy and gain some knowledge.


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