Our Free Responsive & Premium WordPress Themes

Our free responsive WordPress Themes provide user with the facility to download the simplest and elegant themes and customize them according to their own or business needs.
For the last decade, the web development industry has shown a huge jump in the market of design and development and there are lots of job openings available since the last decade.
We are giving away the collection of some of the finest themes which we have created by our own selves. These themes are free to download and customize per user requirements.The plus point is that; they are open source which means that you can work with the internal coding structure whether they are in the form of php or javascript.
The most valuable thing is that; they are responsive i.e Whether you use them on a pc, a laptop, a tablet, a notebook or on a mobile cell phone the end result is the adoption of the theme per device automatically and it is more than sufficient for the developer or user of the theme.
With all that being said, w are giving away the free to use version for your personal use but the important point is that, you have to give credits to whenever you are wishing to use our themes commercially or trying to make money with their help.
Besides all the hard work which we are putting on this side, we promise our visitors that we will come with more state of the art themes in future.
Since theme designing is a time consuming business, we are focused to give our most of the time in launching so many free, open source and responsive themes for our fans (yes I have said fans because our visitors usually become our fans because we deliver what we promise).One last point to be noted is that; don’t forget to attribute if you are using these themes commercially, sending to others or selling.

1. Furniture Shop Theme:


The simplest and easier to deploy theme which is adaptable to almost any device. Download it from sourceforge

2. Wood Works Theme:


Our next theme is our very best and I was thinking twice to make it open source and free.It is the “Wood Works”. It has the best sliders and almost everything that the theme developers love to use and adopt according to their needs. So, go for it at sourceforge

3. Animal Shelter Theme:


This theme is quite simple and is very dearer to me because it is related to animal shelters.Download it here at sourceforge

4. Herbal Products Theme


If you want more sliders and state of the art templates, then this one is of your choice. We have been creating themes almost on daily basis just to help you people out and reach our level of expertise in this field. So both these things go hand in hand. Please comment below to let us know. Download it from Sourceforge.

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