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Our Mochikit javascript based library is yet another powerful client-side scripting platform.
Mochikit is a light-weight Javascript library composed and kept up by Bob Ippolito.
Having the Python like structure, it utilizes the idea of the execution in deferred manner to carry on asynchronous features. This makes it helpful in the advancement of eye catching web pages which keep up a conversation with the web server, in some cases called Ajax applications.
Its specific feature is its power to load and and execuite both JSON-encoded as well as Mochikit.DOM to act as a powerful tool of recent times.
Mochikit structures the establishment of the client side usefulness of the Turbogears of Python web-application stack. Maybe as a consequence of the creator’s inclusion in the Python group, Mochikit shows numerous similarities to Python software engineers, and is usually utilized as a part of Python-based web applications.

Asp.Net AJAX vs Mochikit

ASP.NET Ajax : 2.2% websites using
JavaScript library: market share of 3.4%.1.2% ahead of Asp.Net AJAX

Commercial sites using Mochikit

As you most likely know, the DOM Apis are probably the most complex Java-admirer Apis used with great dynamic languages. The Mochikit, on the other hand, is a sensible style of scripting to create something painful scripts in quite lesser painful manner.
Mochikit lift tons of load in a manner that is both regular for Python and Javascript. It is separated into a few bundles, however you can have quick get to every last bit of its usefulness by adding one line to your page’s head section like this

<script src=”${tg.tg_js}/MochiKit.js”/>

Download and installation—-

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