Lightweight ajax libraries

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Lightweight ajax libraries

There are some situations when we don’t have to use huge and massive ajax libraries to over-burden our website.
In these situations, micro or light weight libraries play vital roles to fulfill our needs.
There are several factors that are kept in mind while implementing the ajax libraries in our applications.These factors are described here

1. Browser gets slower.

This is the fact that most (not all) ajax based applications make the browsers damn slow (especially massive libraries). Due bto this frustration, the user keep sending the request due to the delusion that the request to the web server is not acknowledge. That thing brings web pages hanged.

2. Search Engine crawling problem.

Search engine crawlers get frustrated by waiting for the whole response to come, hence our seo value gets down.

3. Unnecessary animation addition.

Have you ever seen that if you request a site, usually an animated circle revolving takes place to indicate the user that your inquiry is processing and please don’t re click to restart the same thing

What the expert says in stackoverflow answers is definitely a correct statement.

“In my mind, there are three issues with using tons of AJAX calls.

The first is from a user perspective. If I am doing a lot of navigation, as a user, I want to be able to use my back/forward buttons in my browser and have them work correctly. If they do, then there isn’t an issue. If they don’t, you’ve broken fundamental navigation in my browser.

Second is bookmarking/indexing. As a user, I may want to bookmark something so I can come back to it or share it. As an indexer for a search engine, you as a developer want to let the search engine “see” all the pages of information you have so that people can find your site. Both of these require some sort of unique url.

Third is debugging from a development point of view. The more random stuff you are throwing on a page and/or replacing dynamically, the harder it gets to track down what’s wrong. The more you have the more that needs to be integrated well or could interact badly”.

In these sort of situations, don’t say goodbye to ajax but use micro ajax libraries such as:









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