Lesson 1: Installing Active Directory Services

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What is the need of Active Directory?

ADS  or Windows Server Active Directory Services is required to make an efficient windows based network on your local building, within the campus or in an internet cafe or gaming zone.

All the computers are configured of the Active Directory Server. This makes the task easier for a LAN Administrator to configure a whole lot of  connected systems from a single AD server, without even leaving his seat.

Examples of client assistance and troubleshooting may include :

1. User creation and accessibility controls

2. Sharing the resources

3. Remote installations

4. Resources managament

5. Network security

and many more

A Local Area Network with the ADS in action is termed as "Server based network"


In order to install Active Directory Services, We first have to check the all pre-requisites which are the essential parts in the directory installation process.

Step 1: Configuring the DNS

The main advantage of configuring the DNS or the Domain Name System, is to give enable the internet applications or users name the things which are easily accessible through their unique names.

For example, if someone has to send the email to the admin of technofranchise.com then he has to address this through [email protected] Where technofranchise.com is the domain name to which the admin account belongs and the com after the dot at the last denotes that this domain is commercial. Had it been some typical ip address notation ,how much difficulty the sender had to face in sending the emails if there were hundreds of domains like this one with being resolved into unique names.
We have to make sure that we have formatted the disk with NTFS file system where our windows files
have been installed.

Now we have to configure DNS as follows.

On you Control Panel->
Administrative Tools
-> Server Manager
-> Click Roles on left pan
-> Click Add Roles on right pane

The next screen has check boxes in which you have to select the DNS option.
Click Next and the installation will begin

After the installation of DNS. You can configure it at

1 Administrative Tools->DNS (DNS console will appear)
2 Launch the DNS Configuration Wizard by right clicking your computer name
3 Click Next and configure forward lookup zone, forward and reverse lookup zone, root hints only.
4 Click Next and then click Yes to create a forward lookup zone.
5 Select the desired Zone Type by selecting the radio button.
6 Click Next and enter the name of the Zone.
7 Click Next and then click Yes to create a reverse lookup zone.
8 Goto Step 5.
9 Choose whether either an IPv4 or IPv6 Reverse Lookup Zone.
10 Click Next and enter the information to identify the reverse lookup zone.
11 You can choose to create a new file or use an existing DNS file.
12 On the Dynamic Update window, specify how DNS accepts secure, nonsecure, or no dynamic updates.
13 If you need to apply a DNS forwarder, you can apply it on the Forwarders window.
14 Click Finish.

Setup is complete….

Step2 Installing the ADS

Finally, installing the Active Directory Services will be as easy as seeing these diagrams.

Target accomplished…

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