JavaScript Tips and Tricks 3

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Javascript tricks

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JavaScript Tips and Tricks 3

In the third article of JavaScript Tips and Tricks , we will discuss some of the stunning features that this scripting language offers us for great web experience.

Advantages of JavaScript

* It is generally simple to learn and includes sentence structure that is near english

* Javascript doesnt require solid programming abilities in light of the fact that the majority of the HTML creators are not software engineers and they can without much of a stretch play with it.

* It is generally quick to the end client

* Stretched out usefulness to pages On the off chance that you utilize a site and require a sure component to be incorporated, you can compose it yourself

Hidden features of JavaScript

You don’t need to enter a parameter for the function. You can use the function’s arguments/parameters just as if they are “array-like object”.

You can easily return more than one variable using index or array type notation []. This features eases
the returning of more than one variable to the function.Very handy in many cases.

function myFunction(){
var msg= “Hello!”;
var nam= “Adeel”;
return [msg,nam];

var [msg,nam] = myFunction(); // quite easy!


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