Inventory ERD in Business Concept Form

 photo Activity Diagram_zpscmjclfp2.png

Have you ever wondered what is an ERD in Business Concept Form? The concept is that: You have to express every entity and relationship with the help of real diagram such as if you want to draw an inventory store, it should be in diagrammatic form. This process looks difficult at first but believe me, it is more easier than you think in terms of modeling a large project (Even I use these diagrams for my projects).
Ok, lets begin the story…..

1. Supplier supplies items to the inventory store (Supplier is the truck and inventory store is a house like structure mentioned in diagram).
2.From the inventory, the items of interest are picked by the department store.
3. A Customer has a direct interaction with the Department Store, who purchases items from it.
4. A Customer may interact with the Inventory Store with the help of Online Ordering System.
5. A Customer may introduce one or two or more customers.
6. Logistic Department ships the item to the Customer.
7 The Customer may use Coupon for concession if it is provided.

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