How to install PHP?

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Installing Php on Windows

It is the best practice to install thread-safe version of php on windows with IIS.

What is thread-safe version?

Thread Safety means that binary can work in a multithreaded webserver context, such as Apache 7 on Windows. Thread Safety works by creating a local storage copy in each thread, so that the data won’t collide with another thread.

If you choose to run PHP as a CGI binary, then you won’t need thread safety, because the binary is invoked at each request. For multithreaded webservers, such as IIS and IIS6, you should use the threaded version of PHP.
If we want to know how to install php smoothly on windows, then windows web platform installer is the best answer. We can easily install php in windows8/windows7/vista. You just follow those illustrations in the proper order. After that, you can easily run Php applications on Windows with IIS.
This tool is simply an amazing installer with every possible requirement 🙂
Get all the information regarding the installation of IIS and php from here

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