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While drawing and entity diagram that put the lights on Human resource management erd, Let us discuss some very important points that are needed to draw Human resource management erd in a valid pattern. Although, people have general concept about HR that this department’s role is to hire and fire the employees.But in reality, HR department does some exception works, that’s why this department is needed in every organization.
the human Resource Department plays role in employee training, promotion of the employee on performance basis.They can also fire the employees when they find some trouble with him.
The first priority of Human Resource Department is that; they try to overcome the flaws in the performance of an employee in order to make him work according to the requirements of the organization.
Now we have some good ideas about HR working.We will start drawing an ER model for the human resource department. In our ER Model, we will highlight the entities, their relationships and attributes.
Whenever we define an entity, it should be the object of interest and perform some work (verb). They are represented by rectangle.The qualities/attributes of those entities are denoted by oval shape and the actions performed by the entities are displayed in the form of diamond.


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