HRMS Payroll in C# Asp Dot Net


We have finally arrived with an exciting new and state of the art project that is HRMS Payroll in C# Asp Dot Net.The very good new is that; it is absolutely free and open source with clear code in every aspect of that project.
In order to understand Human Resource Management System, we have to first analyze what is the task of Human Resource Department.
Following are the key areas of HR Management:

1. Appointing Employees.
2. Terminating Employees.
3. Changing the Designation of an Employee.
4. Changing the Department of an Employee.
5. Giving Benefits to Employees.
6. Giving Loans to Employees.
7. Taking Deductions from Employees
8. Giving Bonus to Employees.
9. Taking Attendance of Employees.
10. Assigning new Courses to Employees.
11. Entering the Task Activities of Employees.
12. Taking Taxes if applicable
13. Increments.
14. Running Payroll.
15. Generating Reports.

*Before start working on our system, you have to download it from which is an exceptional open source or paid platform.
Go to Web.config file and change it according to your machine name or instance name of the Sql Server which is installed. Set the user id and password according to those which you have set. Make a blank database on Sql Server Management Studio 2012 onwards (2016 preferable).Name it “Human Resource” and attach the database file which is present in the Database folder of the application. This is an easier trick. Otherwise restore the whole backup file.

*Login with the user name admin and password admin123.

* This is the admin of the software itself which can add remove Region, Company, Department and Employee.

* Now create and Employee on Employee page and enter its details.

* In order to Register an Employee to perform tasks, go to login page and click the link “Register”.Now the Employee has become a user of the software but wait…. For an employee to perform managerial tasks , he has to be the HR Manager. So always select “HR Manager” from designation when your want the employee to perform several operations within an enterprise such as:

.Changing the Designation of an Employee.

.Changing the Department of an Employee. Giving Benefits to Employees.

.Giving Loans to Employees.

.Taking Deductions from Employees

.Giving Bonus to Employees.

.Assigning new Courses to Employees.

.Taking Taxes if applicable

.Running Payroll.

.Generating Reports.

If you are happy with simple task such as:


.Leave Request.

.Task Activity Entry.


Then you can give any mentioned designation to that employee.

Following is the presentation of some of our working software:

Here are the dash boards and reports:

For your convenience,we have a surprise for you ; Just Login here and start using the live project.

We shall be highly obliged if you give good reviews to our product so that we would be able to launch many more things like that in future for free.
Here is the link: Download Free HRMS From SourceForge

If anything you wanna ask or learn, please write in comments box below.

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