How to become a good problem solver ?

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How to become a good problem solver ?

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Before asking this question about How to become a good problem solver ? Let us talk rationally about what is wrong with my wasted efforts. A good problem solving skill ¬† is the most prestigious gift that every human being has but some people are unable to think that they can really solve the problem. If we remain functionally fixed to specific thing such as learning English Grammar only with books, we won’t be able to look for the alternates such as internet, tv broadcasts about the grammar lessons etc.

Have you ever heard about using a pen in space? Here’s the refresher of that story .

In order to let the creative thoughts flowing in your mind, you can tame your brain to think a bit different.

This begins by learning about a picnic location, the alternate ways to choose if you find traffic jam on your way. The apartment numbers in your building (don’t torture yourself if there are hundreds) of the persons you know. Practicing other arts such as wood work. Shortest possible distance to arrive at the airport.

Did you observe something that these might be your normal practices. It also denotes that your mind is already creative but to apply the creativity in problem solving is your need right now.

The basic requirement for solving a problem are :

1. Don’t think too much or too less and use your common sense.

2. Visualization is the best principle that all creative people adopt when they are given a task

3. Concentration with flow of positive thoughts that “I will do it”

4. Diversion from unnecessary thoughts such as “these guys making fun of mine in the office”

5. Learn to aim properly to the target when playing games

6. Use anxiety per requirement but don’t overuse. It will give pain

7. Keep creating images  of things or objects such as lake, farm house in your past times

8. Join the company of creative thinkers

9. Brain Storming

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