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game development with c sharp

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Game development with c sharp

Game development with c sharp , is a part of games development industry or programmers.It is basically the software development of video games or video games application development. Game programming requires good programming skills in software engineering including graphics , simulation. Nowadays, game programming has become so user friendly that a newbie can also develop some entertaining games and earn some handsome amount of money as Bill Gates said “Till 2035, no one will be poor”.

Game development with C Sharp has become most of the programmers’ first choice.CSharp is the dialect of programmer’s decision for figuring out how to program.. It is an extremely decently organized programming language that has arranged well written dialect/language and maintains a strategic distance from a portion of the issues of Java. A magnificent free programming environment is accessible for CSharp, and in addition a diversion programming system. Furthermore (if important) moving from CSharp to C++ is simple.

Why I prefer C Sharp ?

Actually I incline toward C Sharp over C++. This is due to numerous reasons, simply a few
of them are

*C Sharp is interesting 🙂

*It’s obvious code helps me finish complex errands effectively and not overlook security.
*CSharp is immaculate OOP, that helps keep your code more lucid, “viable” and execution is more steady.
*The speed of production surpasses C++ by no less than 10%, the best C++ software engineer could be a shockingly better CSharp developer.

CSharp vs CPlusPlus for games

In CSharp world, you will most likely never; at any point, need to utilize unsafe code aside from a few scenarios due to automatic garbage collection and auto cleaning memory. CSharp was not planned to be utilized for overseeing memory specifically, so C++ has an edge because it addresses memory without caring for unsafe code. Hence, it is still well- suited for games but CSharp is agile developer’s paradise

CSharp game development platforms

Following are some awesome platforms to develop great gaming applications in shortest span of time and lesser energy consumption:


Company claims

The Delta Engine is an open source application engine and free to use on PC. It allows to write 2D and 3D applications or games very quickly and easily with Visual Studio in .NET and our Editor. Via our cloud services the Delta Engine can convert between CSharp, CPlusPlus, Objective-C, Java and JavaScript to bring your apps to other platforms (Android, iOS, WP, W8, HTML5).

Source Code:

Here is the complete source code at Github

Xamarin framework

Company claims:

Native UI, native API access & native performance.

Xamarin apps are built with standard, native user interface controls. Apps not only look the way the end user expects, they behave that way too. This can’t be achieved with other solutions.

Xamarin Test Cloud

The online pre-testing feature allows developers to check the bugs in their applications before selling them to the market.


For individual user and with limited features, Xamarin is free.See the details here

XNA Game Studio

Company claims

Well, this is an advanced level game development framework that involves 3D gaming applications development along with windows phone and pc games as well.
Notwithstanding XNA giving free and less entangled game development and debugging advancement, games created utilizing XNA Game Studio Express will be playable on Microsoft’s Xbox 360.




Company claims:

1. It’s an extensible 2D game engine.
2. It comes with a visual editor.
3. Free and Open Source.
4. Based on CSharp and OpenTK.
5. Built around a plugin system.
6. Allows fast prototyping.



Installation and working details are here


Company claims

Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community.


See here

There are many benefits of game development with c sharp

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