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There is an excellent library for Free jquery controls for aspnet for some serious aspnet developers.
A small Javascript library (just 15kb in size) that in a moderately short compass of time has turned into a standout amongst the most mainstream libraries on the web. “compose less accomplish more” is a great thought for our web engineers using this library.
Before proceeding further, I generally bring up this issue on account of jQuery that jQuery improves JavaScript programming and guarantees that the code keeps running on each program accessible by these libraries. We can do most JavaScript code with jQuery. jQuery utilizes an already built library while utilizing code which makes it all the more simple to compose and get it.

Following are some of the controls that are ready made to use with your browser based application.

d.j controls understands almost all the properties of these sort of Webcontrols and it has “Intellisense” which is fantastic.
The control installs all the burdeon of the jquery script and reference without anyone else’s input.
This sort of control must be written conveniently in a way so that it can be called “compose less accomplish more”
At the point when taking care of server occasions events the control can be actualize the Inamingcontainer,ipostbackeventhandler,ipostbackdatahandler
You can download everything from here
In depth coverage is here :

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