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Free AJAX controls


Free AJAX controls have always been a topic of interest among the web developers.
AJAX is speedily turning into an integral part of many websites, many well established brands on-line currently use Ajax to handle their internet applications. As a result of it, it provides higher interactivity to their users, this is often due to the actual fact that implementing Ajax on an internet site, doesn’t need a page to be reloaded for dynamic content on sites. Where as there are varied reasons to modify to Ajax.
The advantages of Ajax over classical web-based applications include:

Asynchronous calls — Ajax permits for the flexibility to create asynchronous calls to an internet server. this permits the consumer browser to avoid awaiting all knowledge to arrive before permitting the user to act over again.
Minimal knowledge transfer — By not favoring a full postback and sending all kind of knowledge to the server, network utilization is decreased and faster operations occur. In sites and locations with restricted pipes for knowledge transfer, this could greatly improve network performance.
Limited process on the server — beside the actual fact that solely the required knowledge is distributed to the server, the server isn’t needed to method all kind components. By sending solely the required knowledge, there’s restricted process on the server.There’s no need to method all form components, method the ViewState, send pictures back to the consumer, or send a page back to the consumer.
Responsiveness—Because Ajax applications square measure asynchronous on the consumer, they’re gave the impression to be terribly responsive.

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