Free AJAX based datagrids

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Free AJAX based datagrids


Free AJAX based datagrids or the data matrices (the generalized way) is a structural planning of data that gives end users or clients the capacity to get to the structural or tabular form of data records or fields for convenient in access.Data networks make this conceivable through an assembly of middleware applications developers and database administrations that force together information and assets from various regulatory spaces and afterward display it to clients per requirements. The information in an information matrix or datagrid can be placed at a single site or different destinations where each one site can be its own regulatory area represented by a set of security confinements with reference to who may get to the information. Moreover, datagrid is considered to be a heart of web applications.It is upto the application programmer to make that data matrix as excellent as possible and a database administrator to apply proper constraints or privileges for data safety and ease of access.

Lots of times we have seen people talking about Asp.Net datagrids/gridviews but they are not limited to that domain only.
Let us discuss about some excellent data matrices.

Lets see what the manufacturers claim:



dhtmlxGrid is a full-featured JavaScript grid control that provides cutting-edge functionality, powerful data binding, and fast performance with large data sets. Rich and intuitive JavaScript API makes the grid highly customizable and easy-to-use. dhtmlxGrid can load data from different data sources: XML (custom format supported), JSON, CSV, JavaScript array, and HTML table.

With this grid component, you can easily create nice-looking, Ajax-enabled tables with rich in-cell editing, built-in filtering, searching, and grouping capabilities. Smart Rendering and paging support ensure fast loading speed even with huge datasets. Numerous event handlers allow you to add necessary interactivity to the grid.



Manufacturer’s claims:
With Expander Rows, Collapse and Force Fit, Framed with Checkbox Selection and Horizontal Scrolling as well as standard Panel features such as framing, buttons and toolbars. (Thanks, Lucian Lature!).


sl grid

Sourceforge claims:

This is the slgrid project (“slgrid”)
This project is hosted by The project team describes it as:
slGrid is an easy to use grid component that can display your PHP tables in an user friendly, good-looking way based on Ajax, distributed by on Open Source, under the GPL license.

AJAX Page – ASP.NET Grid Integration with Dynamic Combobox

ajax page




Company claims:

Based on: jQuery
License: dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses
Cost: Free
Features: pagination, sorting, filtering, infinite scrolling, ajax data sourcing, styling (with theme)
Size: 32K


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