Designing an ERD Model For Store Inventory

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Designing an ERD Model for Store Inventory Inventory Management System with the help Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) is an easier task if you are able to know the exact definition and few points about the ERD diagrams such as rectangle, diamond , relationship lines
We are taking the example of simple store inventory.For this we are using the Chen’s Notation. Let us elaborate in these steps.
Separate all the nouns and the verbs and display the nouns (entities) with the rectangles , their attributes with the ovals and the verbs (actions) with the diamond shapes as well as their relations with the lines.
It’s time to discuss about the types of relationships such as ONE-TO-ONE , ONE-TO-MANY, MANY-TO-MANY
A store keeper maintains a warehouse so we represent them with ONE-TO-ONE relationship denoted by straight line.A store keeper has EmployeeID, EmployeeName , DepartmentID as his attributes
A store keeper requests one or more items so their relationship is ONE-TO-MANY. The item has ItemCode, ItemType and ItemPrice as its attributes.
A store keeper gives the monthly report to the finance manager
So our final diagram will be something like the mentioned above.

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