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CSharp programming area

CSharp programming areas
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CSharp programming area covers a wide range of programming expertise depending upon the personal interest and jobs scope. Today I will discuss some core areas that have to be looked and the skills required to embark upon the career in any specific area of CSharp programming or other language programming.

What people often make mistake while defining a CSharp programming is that : A programmer is a person that has command over every field of programming whether it is web based, windows based, network, game development etc.
The point to be noted here is that the CSharp programmer is expert in a specific area of programming not the jack of all trades.
By keeping all these things in mind, we have categorized some major areas in which a programmer can pursue his or her career based on the person’s skills

1. Web developmen/engineering

A web engineer is a developer who represents considerable authority in, or is particularly occupied with, the improvement of Internet applications, or disseminated system applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web program.

2. Network programming

Network system programming includes composing network programs that empower courses of action to correspond with one another over a Network system whether it is LAN,WAN,MAN,SAN etc

3. Smart device application development

Smart device programming alludes to the improvement of Windows and Windows Cell phone based rich-customer applications that run on the gadget itself. Visual Studio offers rich, coordinated backing for creating programming that runs on Windows based smart gadgets, for example, Pocket PCs and Cell phones. You can utilize Visual C# or Visual Basic to compose oversaw applications that run on the .NET Structure, or you can compose local applications by utilizing Visual C++. Whichever dialect you choose, you will utilize the same code manager, originators, and debugger interface as you would utilize when you create desktop applications. Just select from one of the Savvy Gadget Undertaking formats accessible for the dialect of your decision, and start coding.

4. Game development

A game programmer or gaming software engineer is a product specialist, developer, or computer researcher who principally creates code bases for featured games or related programming. Game Programming has numerous particular areas that all of which fall under the umbrella term of “game developer”.

5. Hardware programming

In the field of Computer equipment or hardware, the term developer, chip software engineer or gadget developer alludes to a gadget that designs programmable non-unpredictable computerized circuits, for example, EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flashes, PALs, FPGAs or programmable logical circuits.

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