CSharp freelancing myths and real ways to earn

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CSharp freelancing myths and real ways to earn

In my recent post revealing CSharp freelancing myths and real ways to earn income in a guaranteed manner; I am not going to tell you anything new or anything outside the box, but the reality that has been hidden as far as freelance programming and earning is concerned, I have chosen CSharp as a programming tool because it is my favorite language of choice.

What actually is freelancing and why the newbie finds it so difficult to sell the projects ?

Again , don’t take me wrong , I am here to help the new comers, not letting their morals down.
First we begin with the definition of a freelance worker and I am using the word, free laborer or specialist here interchangeably :

A “specialist” or ‘independent laborer” is a term normally utilized for a man who is independently employed and is not so much dedicated to a specific business contract. Independent specialists are now and again spoken to by an organization or an employment office that exchanges independent work to customers, others work autonomously or use proficient affiliations or sites to get work. “Self employed entity” would be the term utilized as the one who assigns the duty and livelihood class of this sort of laborer.

The term specialist used here, not any means in this entire world, fits for a newbie programmer at any aspect.

Now what is the reality of the names appearing in freelancing and outsourcing sites as Mr. X Software Engineer?

Think and think again………. The answer is quite obvious but hidden.

What I am gonna do now is to solve all the complications with some simple steps:

Step 1:

Mr. Smith opens an account on a freelancing site and adjusts his profile and payment methods to his accounts. The profile should be stunning 🙂

Step 2:

Mr. Smith hires a small team of developers and promise them to share the money equally when the client pays for the project.

Step 3:

A bid has been placed and a decent amount has been asked (not too much or too less) and real deadline has been set

Step 4:

Upon the success, the money has been divided and upon failure, making the project ready to sell in the free market whether as a website or mobile application or some gaming application.

[All the images are taken from freedigitalphotos.net. Simply the best!]

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