CSharp clojure can make you worth 108,000 dollars

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CSharp clojure can make you worth 108,000 dollars

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If you are thinking that I am making you day dream then yes you are right. Being said that, I justify my article heading that CSharp clojure make you worth 108,000 dollars is as true as this saying “Chicken that gave Golden Egg”.

You can make a great living by clojure programming using C# but it will require some tools, practices, expertise and implementation.

I am highlighting a small article from the best blog

No. 3: Clojure is worth $108,000:

Clojure — pronounced “closure” — is a modern version of a very old computer language known as Lisp which hails from 1958.

Clojure is much more recent — it arrived on the scene in about 2007, when its inventor, Rich Hickey, released it. It’s become popular because it works with the Java Virtual Machine, used by web browsers. It’s good for writing really complicated web apps that support lots of concurrent users.

What are clojures or closures?

To put it basically, clojures permit you to epitomize/encapsulate some behavior, pass it around like whatever other object of interest, and still have entry to the setting in which they were initially got declared. This permits you to independent out control structures, operators and so on from the points of interest of how will be utilized?
The capacity to get to the first connection is the thing that apart clojures from ordinary items,
This is a bit compiler tricky job.

What the development team says about clojures?

Clojure has a set of useful features that together form a simple, coherent, and powerful tool. In Clojure you’ll find ideas from Lisp, ML, Haskell, and others, but the end result is unique.

  • Dynamic Development
  • Functional Programming
  • Lisp
  • Runtime Polymorphism
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Hosted on the JVM

So let’s begin your journey towards the milestone from here , where you find everything that you need to develop some great applications in C# clojure CLR

The high rate job trends

If you are alone clojure or LISP developer then you are wow. If you are C# developer then you are awesome and if your are C# clojure developer then you are fantastically awesome in high paying jobs.
Look at the statistics from indeed.com:

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