CPlusPlus and CSharp comparison

C++ VS C#

CPlusPlus and CSharp comparison

CPlusPlus and CSharp comparison takes eagle’s eyes in order to know which leads and which lags
When talk about C++ and C# has enjoyed huge number of programmers, but since C++ trend is beginning and why not? It is the best among the languages which provide bread and butter for actual system programs.
As far as job opportunities are concerned. Here is the simple and easy to understand pictorial illustrations that compare both C++ and C# and believe me, C++ scope will never die.

C/C++ Programmer Jobs – Search C/C++ Programmer Job Listings | Monster

By looking at those links, C++ nowadays , is in lime light just like C# when it was launched.
You can’t write device drivers that runs in kernel mode in C#. C# produces intermediate language that is interpreted by a virtual machine (.NET). All these stuff runs in user mode and WDM drivers run in kernel mode.
You can’t write device drivers in managed code, therefore you can’t write a device driver in C#.

You’ll need to write it in either assembly or unmanaged C/C++.
We can not develop kernel drivers with C# because C# is converted to native language. However, not all device drivers on Windows require kernel mode to run. The video drivers, audio drivers, now run in user mode in both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Also there’s now a User-Mode Driver Framework available from Microsoft. but still C++ leads.What C++ offers that is not present in C# are

1. Template metaprogramming
2. Typedefs
3. Zero-overhead principle
4. Means to enforce const-correctness
5. Mature compilers that produce extremely optimized code nowadays
6. Much wider platform support

Can asp.net application be built with C++ language ?
The bad aspects of modern languages like C#, Java etc is huge memory consumption due to heavy platform installation, and if users have to work with them, they have to install these platforms. C++ applications are faster to launch.

An important point to be noted is that, C++ is Borland property, therefor it is not the language of choice for Asp.Net application. It is for system or game programer

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Computer Systems Engineer from Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology.I am passionate about all types of programming.