Clinic Management ERD

Our Clinic Management System ERD is quite simple and we have tried our best to keep it as descriptive as possible. First of all, we have to know about what actually happens when a patient goes for a checkup to the doctor’s clinic. Either he has to take appointment or go directly to the doctor.
The doctor checks up the patient and diagnose his illness.He then prescribes medicines and then asks for follow up if necessary.The whole process is quite simple.We have intentionally left attributes up to you because they are quite easy to deploy such as a patient has Name,Age,ID etc.
There is one thing left in the diagram and you should add it by yourself that the doctor also prescribes medicine and he may refer to the specialist.These are considered quite simple things therefore, they are not included inside the diagram. for your simplicity, let me explain it further.
Before analyzing the clinic system, we have to know about the entities and further simplify their actions and attributes. We have to keep in our mind about what happen if we go to the doctor for a checkup.
We definitely book appointment by calling the appointment booking officer.He then gives us a suitable date and time when the doctor is available so we can also include the time/date give by the appointment booking officer.After taking the appointment, we just wait for the date to come and go to the clinic by taking our medical reports (if applicable) to the clinic. We then wait for our turn. When our turn comes, we go to the doctor and tell him about our symptoms. After careful assessment, the doctor gives us medicines, tests or refer to the specialist. So we may also include the doctor giving tests in our diagram. now lets enjoy.

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