TypeScript 1.3 in the market

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TypeScript 1.3 in the market

With TypeScript 1.3 in the market, people often get confused about what functions it can perform? What type of scripting it is? Is it counterpart of our legacy javascript? Which company has launched it?
These sort of questions make so many confusions if we don’t get the right facts about this scripting language.

Lets answer these type of questions one by one

What functions it can perform?

With the announcement of Microsoft launching Typescript 1.3, there is a buzz that it will take the javascript to the other higher level of scripting by becoming its super-set.

Lets see what the companies say:

TypeScript lets you write JavaScript the way you really want to.TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.Any browser. Any host. Any OS. Open Source. ”

Functions are considered to be the building blocks in any programming language. Remember the concept of anonymous methods in C#? Our TypeScript also has anonymous functions.
Following are some examples:

//Named function
function subtract(a, b) {
return a-b;

//Anonymous function
var mySub= function(a, b) { return a-b; };

Following are some benefits of anonymous functions:

1.If no name is needed, why add a name to whatever namespace you’re in.
2.Anonymous functions are declared inline and inline functions have advantages in that they can access variables in the parent scopes. Yes, you can put a name on an anonymous function, but that’s usually pointless if it’s declared inline. So inline has a significant advantage and if you’re doing inline, there’s little reason to put a name on it.
3.The code seems more self-contained and readable when handlers are defined right inside the code that’s calling them. You can read the code in almost sequential fashion rather than having to go find the function with that name.

More than that, it entertains us with the concept of object oriented programming in scripting manner.

What type of scripting it is and which company has launched it?

It is an OOP based superset of javascript and is Microsoft proprietry.TypeScript 1.3 is free and open source and Visual Studio 2013 has builtin options to work with it.

Last but not the least, what benefits does it provide?

See this github blog to get the details of TypeScript 1.3