Business Process Modeling Tutorial


Business Process Modeling Tutorial

Business Process Modeling is basically the making of a business model of any organization (either as small as a school in a bungalow or as large as multinational company).
Business process modeling is used to automate the entire working infrastructure of a company, to effectively run as well as integrate the functional processes required by an organization to run its business quite smoothly and with a constant flow.
We are taking an example of a school for which , we are provided with the task to model its overall working processes , both effectively and efficiently.
Here, we assume that the building, classes, offices and staff rooms are already build. We have to put focus on the :

2.Events states (such as Start, Intermediate, End)
3. Simple or Message Event.
4. Timers.
5. Start Timers.
6. Intermediate or Hold on Timers.
7. The Gateways.
8. The Initiators (person or process)

All the above mentioned objects of interest or entities, are represented by special symbols, which are illustrated below:


Since, the business process modeling of the entire school system includes lots of things right from the management level to services.We will only draw the business process modeling diagram about the Student entering the Admission Exam.

school bpm