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Career building tips for the students for their future
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Career building tips should be given to the students, wi5h proper career building counselling strategies to the students whoc are entering the professional educational institutes who often know nothing about their capabilities when they decide to embark upon their career in different professional fields.


They are often mislead by the sentence “What is the scope of this education in professional life?” .For example,there was an I.T boom in developing countries such as Pakistan in the beginning of the year 2000 .Each and every student was desperate to get admission in Computer Science or Engineering program.The outcome from which many students had to suffer was unemployment due to the toughest competition they had to face like never before.They then pursued their career in Business Administration programs such as MBA’s and started working in banks and other companies in their accounts,human resource,marketing departments etc.

An interesting point was that; there were lesser opportunities for MBA’s in 2000 and more opportunities for I.T professionals.After graduating,the whole scenario reversed.But why that happened?

If we look closely,we will see what actually went wrong ? Neither I.T nor MBA ever had decline in job opportunities.It was the number of students who surpassed the employments.

If there are more professionals available than required;the criteria of hiring will be number of times tougher.
Also there was the problem of fresh pass outs about their skill levels.Most of them just studied to pass the exams or to get good marks in final year projects.In those years of academics,they had to properly mature their approach and had to do some advanced courses or had to develop more skills to put an impact on the employer.

If we highlight other programs that were never looked for ; such as Accountancy (CA,ACCA etc),Psychology,Applied Sciences,Medical fields,Pharmacy etc

Those guys who took positive decision in selecting the above mentioned fields got hired because the jobs were available but the others were day dreaming about heavy salaries in future.

When anyone tries to begin his career,he has to think times and times before taking the decision and has to make an effort to meet the standards of those professionals,who are already working in exact area (not in terms of experience)
Let us highlight some of the available fields and their pre-requisites:

1.I.T, Business Administration , Accountancy

Problem solving , Creativity , Boldness , Positive thinking , Responsibility , Excellent power to memorize and retrieve , Studying a lot , Researching abilities are the key ingredients to become a professional in these areas.

2.Medical Science

All of the mentioned points plus top level responsibility to save lives which is very challenging.

3. Applied Sciences

Problem solving skills,Hard work,Studying.Must have excellent command over his/her abilities.Masters degree is must for getting noticed by the employers



Economics focuses on financial situations and decisions. It addresses the effective resource(s) usage right from the production to the consumption between the organizations or individuals.

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Our motive is to clear the hurdles in the path to success

In a nutshell, career building should be focused on what a student can do, not what successful people are doing. Your skill is your asset and it will bring you automatically to the top level if you are hardworking in your field.

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