Can CSharp make you the richest ?

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Can CSharp make you the richest ?


Can CSharp make you the richest person on this earth? Have you ever dreamed about having handsome amount of money in your bank and luxurious cars and bungalows with all your dreams coming true with no worries about the bills and school fees of the children?


You might be thinking that i am making you day dream but the truth is that : You can earn billions of dollars with CSharp programming skills.
Is this real? yes it is……….Let’s look at some of the people who are living luxurious life styles by working in the field of Microsoft C# Software Engineering Paradigm

Yearly IT Pay Study distributed on August of 2010 (Remember 5 years ago). The information was cut and diced a wide range of ways. How about we take a gander at the graph toppers for a few separate classifications:

Occupation title and experience: Developer lead with 10 or more years of experience – $99,666

Innovation mastery: Extranets – $100,566

Training: Doctorate degree – $101,647

State: Virginia – $102,773

Significant metro range: San Jose – $114,450

So in the event that you truly need to profit, do a reversal to class for a doctorate and afterward turn into a lead software engineer dealing with extranets in San Jose.

Be that as it may hold up, the study likewise demonstrated that 4.2 percent of respondents made more than $150,000. So who are they? The review didn’t say, so when the supervisor Michael Domingo was asked, who delivered the overview . He dug deeper into the crude information and educated about the accompanying most elevated individual respondents:

Software engineer/examiner or analyst in San Diego – $175,000

Programming task lead in Houston – $200,000

DBA in New Jersey (city not indicated) – $250,000

Alright, now we’re beginning to talk genuine cash. The recent position may not be a coder, obviously, however its fascinating data.

No one does insights like the government, obviously, so when looked at the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. It had a May 2010 survey that reported the following mean annual salaries:

All occupations – $44,410

Computer based and scientific occupations – $77,230

Software developers – $74,900

Programming engineers, applications – $90,410

Programming engineers, frameworks programming – $97,960

Notwithstanding, delving down further into the information for the recent, most generously compensated classification, demonstrated that the main 10 percent of frameworks programming engineers arrived at the midpoint of $143,330.

Finally, let’s see the Microsoft earners’ chart:

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Now start dreaming, get the right tools and begin the journey of your desires. Happy coding

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