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C# Interview questions

C# Interview questions put some great impact upon the employer. Even if you are master in development, you need to practice the questions that your employer wants from you to answer.
Right now I am sharing my slides for core programming areas in with c#. We will discuss a whole lots of questions regarding the databases as well.
When applying for a job interview (especially in the .net development area), the candidate should be well aware of the fact that his qualifications or further certifications as well as work experience are
entry points for the interview.The basic needs that your new employer wants are the skills in which your are proficient enough to work under his management in order to give the full benefits to the organization and in return, you also deserve many benefits. C# code can be used with Vb.Net, J# or VC++ because they all have CLR and CLI.
A program written in C# gives the same output just like CLR based languages if both the parties have made a logic for the same output.
Other CLR compliant languages can use C# made libraries or assemblies

It is better to get yourselves well prepared for the technicalities and the proper theories to stand out in the short listed candidates who apply for that same post.

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