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Angularjs tutorial

In our first Angularjs tutorial , we will put some light on the details about what actually is our Angularjs buddy ? What new features this Framework has to offer and what is the need of it in the web development industry of today’s fast moving world ?

What is a Framework ?

By definition, a Framework is not something very difficult to describe. In Computing World , it is a layer by layer collection of specifically pre-written and well tested programs, which are interrelated together to perform variety of tasks.

The Angularjs Framework

AngularJS is a well organized framework from Google for developing the standout web applications in various devices (irrespective of their platforms).It helps the developer to integrate the simplest form of javascript code with html to get the best out of it in Client-based Scripting Environment. It eases the load of a developer through its flexible and extensible set of pre-written libraries of huge amount of pre-written code which can be utilized pre needs.

The New Features of Version 2.0

Following is the detailed description of the new features, which are available with this version:

1. Mobile based Applications

In accordance with the strict demands in mobile development field, Angularjs 2.0 has more inclination towards this development area.

2. Modular Approach

For much better performance, it is now possible to choose the desired module from the list of well organized modules available per needs quite easily.

2. Newer Targets

Angularjs 2.0 is focusing on ECMAScript 6 (ES6, named as “Harmony”),which is the upcoming 6th version of the major releases of the ECMAScript language specifications. ECMAScript is the “actual” name for the scripting language commonly known as JavaScript (Sep 13, 2013).

3. Browser Compatibility

The cross browser support is the main theme of javascript and its frameworks. The most notable support is found for IE 9, 10, and 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Android 4.1 as well as Microsoft Edge.

4. Multiple Platforms Development and Deployment

Developer can build various web applications and can run as well as test and deploy on desktops, mobiles, Androids, iOS, etc.
There is also a Native Script support available and what else a web developer can dream about ?

5. Great support for Animations

Angularjs 2.0 greatly supports animation injection as well as every version of CSS for developing some state of the art graphics based web applications.

The Industrial Need of Angularjs 2.0

The given article briefly describes the use and the need for Angularjs 2.0 Framework for our industrial demands in the field of web development. Here is the link referring to it :

3 Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Project

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