The amazing jquery effects

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The amazing jquery effects are really the greatest achievement in fashioning and utilizing web pages stylishly with minimum code and very light weight attributes
Jquery is a handy technology. . The minimized size of variant 1.5 of the library is an insignificant and having the weight of about 83kb, which maybe decreased to 29kb when compressed. That is most likely smaller than a jpg image.
On numerous Sites, and the program just needs to download and store it once for utilization over all your pages. In the event that you utilize a content deliver network system (CDN), the client’s program can reserve or caches it crosswise over numerous Sites as opposed to download it for each. Jquery packs a considerable measure into a little size.

One of the essential advantages of jquery is the over other some other Javascript libraries is that, it flawlessly handles crossbrowser issues. Javascript executions contrast among programs to changing degrees, and it can result in an engineer to rashly and seriously age to get everything working crosswise over programs with Javascript. Unwind: the creators of jquery have done the greater part of the work for you.

JQuery vs JavaScript

Many yearning web engineers need to comprehend what the contrasts in the middle of Javascript and jquery really are. When its all said and done, they both begin with a J, yet are there different similitudes also? It may amaze you to discover that Javascript and jquery are really the same thing. More or less, jquery is a part of Javascript libraries that have been planned particularly to streamline HTML record traversing,the animated effects, handling events, and Ajax communications.


For these examples, free source code is also available

Live Demo1: GridView scrolling with JQuery

Live Demo2: Freeze column and fixed header in Table or GridView

Live Demo3: Delightful sorting

Live Demo4: Jquery animation

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