Ajax with AspDotNet

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Ajax with AspDotNet

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The topic Ajax with AspDotNet provides us with the facility to develop killer user interfaces with asp.net and ajax combination.

Why Use Asp.net AJAX?

Asp.net AJAX empowers you to manufacture rich Web applications that have numerous preferences over Web applications that are totally server-based. Asp.net AJAX applications offer:
Enhanced productivity by performing noteworthy parts of a Website page’s preparing in the program.
UI components, for example, progress display, tooltip features, and none other than pop-up windows.
Partial way of page upgrades that revive just the parts of the Website page that have changed.
Data Integration of information from diverse sources through ajax calls
A structure that make customization of server controls easier to incorporate and use.
Easier integration with almost all the modern major web browser. So dear fellows, take deep breath 😛

Yes! AJAX is a browser subordinate innovation.
Ajax is not a programming dialect ; You can say it is a mixture of fundamental 3 dialects(or languages).The DHTML ,the Java script and the XML.
The engine that support Ajax framework can easily run on modern browsers but there may be some differences of using ajax with IE or Chrome.
Here is the link that makes asp.net applications super cool when integrated with phenomenal ajax based interfaces.So what’s else you were looking for?

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