Why is Information Technology so Dominating ?

Information Technology

All of us are well aware of the fact that the Information technology is the backbone of any organization to run its business smoothly and effectively in today’s rapidly developing world.Is Information Technology only related to several computers in an Organization? The answer is no,because there are lots more things,which have to be put under the limelight, to get the exact idea about what is Information technology and its need?
Information Technology is basically the sharing/transfer/flow Of information through efficient means in an organization to make its business prosperous and grow rapidly and effectively with ease as well as in secure manner.

Any organization running in today’s business,must have: Computers,printers,scanners,servers,switches,Routers etc, connected together and they have full security for data protection so that no information is stolen or the network being hacked.
If an organization has other campuses in some other places,then they communicate through routers.
A network within a building is known as LAN or Local Area Network and the network between the different locations is known as WAN or Wide Area Network.
Well,I am not discussing any networking or programming related concepts.I am just highlighting the core Information technology elements
Now, workstations(Clients) and Servers are setup and connected, and the network has been made.Is this enough? No because a real task is about to start.
Following are the people,who are required to work in Information Technology Department.


An I.T executive plays a major role in the overall running of business through computerized automation of an organization.
The executive has a direct contact with the board of directors or owners of the company and the managers work under his supervision.If I.T managers require any addition to their systems or applications,they contact the executive and he gives the proposal to the head(s) of the company.An executive may be considered as a manager over a manager.For an organization having three branches.Each branch has separate I.T manager  but multiple branches may have one executive but it is not a good practice.An executive coordinates directly with the manager,so he doesn’t contact with the employees directly as manager does.As an executive has more responsibilities as an employee in the company.He should have excellent knowledge,experience,confidence and some excellent degrees+ certificates such as MBA or MBA MIS etc


An experienced I.T professional who has a good recognizable degree in computer science or engineering and has vast knowledge/experience .The job of I.T Manager is to lead the whole I.T infrastructure and guide programmers,hardware technicians,network administrators to do result oriented works on his behalf.Any mishap related to the failure of the system or application may result in a dismissal of the manager so this job is quite challenging,creative and disciplined.A manager is not only confined to a single building, in fact, each branch has its own managerial staff.

3.Network Administrator

A network administrator is a person who has complete authority to establish internal or external networks under the supervision of his manager.Designs,implement and checks systems, applications, security, and network configurations. Resolve various issues such as network speed,user accounts and their rights,data backups,intrusion detection and protection. Recommends new hardware/software/upgrades.Guides end users.Reports to Manager. Thus , the network administrator should have solid command over his area of expertise. Just certifications holders can not be called complete network administrators if they don’t have a degree in information technology, either in the form of bachelors or masters.

4.System Administrator

A system administrator maintains a network such as a local-area network (LAN). He has the following responsibilities:

Installing software.
Keep systems free from viruses .
Performs software up-gradation
Installs patches.

Small organizations may have just one system administrator, whereas larger enterprises usually have a whole team of system administrators.

5.Software Analyst

The overall information gathering and consulting with the managers and to convert it to the useful data is the responsibility of an analyst.This job is quite tough and a person should have years of experience in software engineering and accounting as well.
The analyst gathers the information from the manager regarding new application,re engineering the old application or adding new modules to the existing application.
After gathering the whole lot of information,the analyst discusses it with the developers and designers to develop such a system which is exactly up to the requirements of the boss.


A developer is responsible for the coding of the program according to the needs of the analyst.A good programmer is the ONE, whose main responsibility is to write an efficient,effective and up to the standards based code.


The designer designs user interface as per requirements. He always keep close interaction with staff to provide eye-catching user interface that is also user friendly

8.Database Administrator

The database Admin installs,maintains,updates,take backups,writes stored procedures,triggers,cursors to the central database installed in a database server.
He has the main responsibility to prevent data corruption and intrusion.

What is Health Information Technology?

A recent article of debate is regarding the “Health Information Technology” or simply
Health Information Technology or HIIT is not very new.The term may look new but its implementation dates back to the introduction of documents automation in hospitals.
In the simplest form,HIT is the Information regarding the Patient(s),the Doctor(s),the Department(s),Appointment(s), Medicine(s) etc in totally computerized form.
They include EMR,EHR,PHR,EHIO etc.Even the Networks,the Hardware,the Database are also included in this domain.A Hospital Management System(s) application is also an example of the application in the area of Health Information System

The incubators,ECG machines,ETT machines,Ultrasound machines,X-Rays are separate but integrated part of HIT.They come under the domain of “Bio Medical Engineering”